Te Piringa

Wellington-born songwriter Len Blake has left the safety of home to pursue her musical career in the UK. Through her new soulful waiata and a unique connection with Ngāti Ranana - the London Māori Club.

Len Blake • Casual Healing

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Te Aroha Mōu

Georgia Lines is no stranger to waiata reo Māori, but as she reversions her pop hit ‘Made for Loving’, she opens up for the first time about her doubts and reservations as Pākehā taking on the challenge of performing in te reo Māori.

Georgia Lines

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Koia Ko Koe

The Black Seed’s iconic Kiwi Anthem, ‘So True’, gets a loving twist in te reo Māori uncovering profound themes of universal love.

The Black Seeds

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I Like You

Rising pop sensation Yah Yah rediscovers her roots, overcoming insecurities and honouring her late mother through heartfelt Māori melodies. Holly Cameron (Ngāti Raukawa), known to the world as YAHYAH, is more than just an up-and-coming pop singer.

YahYah • MOHI

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Hei Mokimoki

Majic Paora considers the impact of many generations of protest and uses waiata to uplift her iwi, Ngāti Whātua, leaving a legacy for her tamariki.

Majic Pāora

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This uplifting soul-ballad interweaves te reo Māori and taonga pūoro featuring a traditional punga ihu (nose flute) and koauau (bone flute). The lyrics share the idea that Te Reo Māori can make you beautiful.


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Āio is Lost Tribe Aotearoa's first 100% te reo Māori track, and is an reo interpretation of their hit single 'Irie'. The featuring artist is top Māori artist Rei.

Rei • Lost Tribes Aotearoa

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Ko Tātou Te Ahi

Dillastrate’s 'Ko Tātou Te Ahi', is more than just a song, it's a tribute to the resilient spirit of Waitaha and a rallying cry for all who strive to understand themselves, keep their heritage alive, and the fire of their culture burning.

Tiki Taane • Dillastrate

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Taking on the challenge of composing in te reo Māori for the first time, popular artists Muroki and RIIKI REID (Ngāti Porou) unveil the creative process behind Kārewa, a powerful song penned to support a loved one during difficult times.

Riiki Reid • Muroki

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Tahuna Te Ao Mārama

‘Tahuna Te Ao Mārama’ by Bleeders calls for an end to the old and urging people to rise up and start anew, with self-autonomy tino rangatiratanga.


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Te Tāone

Riiki Reid has a desire to have her taha Māori represented as an integral part of her identity as an artist by translating a reo Māori version of her popular song ‘The City’, this experience has given her a newfound confidence and pride in who she is

Riiki Reid

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Hīnaki, is about putting in the mahi to achieve your goals, which for Nikora includes normalising te reo in the mainstream. Challenging typical narratives that are placed upon Māori and he channels his differences into his art.

Swizl Jager

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