Te Hekenga

“Te Hekenga” produced by Troy Kingi carries many meanings. This waiata speaks to the journey tangata whenua made down from Hawaiki to Aotearoa, but in relation to this new roopu ‘Te Tokotoru,’

Te Tokotoru

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Ko Wai Ahau

Reuben Fleetwood releases waiata ‘KO WAI AHAU’ a part of the Five AM and Te Māngai Pāho: ‘Reo Māori Waiata Series’.

Reuben Fleetwood

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Ko Tū Koe, Ko Rongo Koe

This track speaks about the empowering of male confidence and guiding them to recognize the Tū and Rongo within. It offers wisdom on when and where to channel these inner strengths and the importance of embracing humility.

TAWAZ • Jackson Owens

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Kei hea te Putanga?

'Kei hea te Putanga?' stands as a resounding celebration of the journey of life, embracing its highs and lows with unwavering spirit.

Seth Haapu

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Chase Woods is an emerging artist from Palmerston North, gaining recognition for his captivating music and storytelling. Chase releases 'EAOIA' as apart of the Five AM and Te Māngai Pāho: ‘Reo Māori Waiata Series’.

Chase Woods

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Coffee Spot

"Coffee Spot" is an enchanting musical journey that showcases MOHI's distinctive ability to seamlessly weave Te Reo Māori and English, creating a harmonious bridge between cultures and languages.


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Ai, E Kō

‘AI E KŌ’, celebrates the enduring allure of a captivating woman who continues to captivate her partner with her beauty, even after years of being together.

TAWAZ • Jackson Owens • Mikey Dam

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Whakaoreore - ILLKEYS Remix

This vibrant release, entirely in te reo Māori, carries a powerful message of empowerment and positivity, encouraging listeners to embrace life with energy and enthusiasm.

Kirsten Te Rito

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The track itself is an ode to Kupe - Master navigator from Tahiti who discovered Aotearoa around 900AD.


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"Kārearea" offers a musical journey that pays homage to ancestral stories. The track takes inspiration from a rich Māori ancestral pūrākau about the pursuit of aroha between Northern rangatira, Ueoneone and twin sisters and puhi Reitū and Reipae.


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Kia Manawa

Musician and songwriter PERE collaborates with the talented students from Ngā kura tuarua o Tāmaki Makaurau in a heartfelt tribute to the Starship Hospital, unveiling their inspiring new single "Kia Manawa."


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BMW Remix

This single contributes to the power of Bad Mana Wahine. Empowering our ladies to feel the goddess energy that lies within all of us, to inspire and motivate us to chase our dreams and find happiness in our lives.

Te KuraHuia

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