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Te Māngai Pāho provides contestable funding for the production of Māori language and Māori culture content for broadcast on free to air television channels and distribution via online platforms.

Having the content we fund available on multiple channels will improve the chances of that content finding a wide audience. Te Māngai Pāho has clear policies around language planning, channel preferences and accessibility; all applicants for funding should understand those policies.
Saturdays at 7pm on TVNZ1

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Funding for the second round of the 2017-2018 Financial Year for Television Programmes has closed. The closing date for the third round of the 2017-2018 Financial Year is Friday 9 February 2018. Only Registered Providers can apply for funding. To apply to become a Registered Provider register at Te Pūahatanga. A link is available at our website.

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Latest Funding Results

The Hui - Kaupeka Toru
Great Southern Film and Television - 2017

The Outlook for Someday 2017-2018
Connected Media Ltd - 2017

The Ultimate School Jam
Pango Productions Ltd - 2017

Shear Bro
Great Southern Film and Television - 2017

Piri's pa tour
Pango Productions Ltd - 2017

My Party Song, series 2
Blue Bach Prods Ltd - 2017

Wild Kai Legends
Scottie Douglas Prods Ltd - 2017

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