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Te Māngai Pāho provides contestable funding for Māori music related activities, in particular: Recordings & Publicity, Wānanga, and Breakthrough Projects.

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Applications for Recordings & Publicity are being accepted now. The round closes Friday, March 19, 2021; decisions due Friday, April 16, 2021. Read the RFP at https://www.tmp.govt.nz/download-documents for complete details and a link to apply.

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Latest Funding Results

The Power of Kupu (Music Wānanga)
The Power of Kupu (Music Wānanga) - Manawakura Ltd - 2020

Ako (Music Wānanga)
Ako (Music Wānanga) - Taisha Yvonne Tari - 2020

Taniwha (Music Wānanga)
Taniwha (Music Wānanga) - Fifty Cent Mixture - 2020

Maimoa 2.0 (Breakthrough Project)
MAIMOA - Maimoa 2.0 (Breakthrough Project) - Maimoa Music Ltd - 2020

Kōrero Māori (Recording)
WuX - Kōrero Māori (Recording) - Wake Mahonri Matthews - 2020

Mina Mina (Recording & Publicity)
Valkyrie ft. PERE - Mina Mina (Recording & Publicity) - Valkyrie Music Ltd - 2020

Mana Motuhake (Recording & Publicity)
NLC - Mana Motuhake (Recording & Publicity) - UMA Broadcasting Ltd - 2020

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View All Funding Round Dates

Current Vacancies

17 June 2020 | 2:38

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30 April 2020 | 11:59

To keep up to date with all the latest news from Te Māngai Pāho and what's happening in the industry, please subscribe to our fortnightly pānui here. Missed the latest edition of He Pānui? Click here.

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Media Releases

30 April 2020 | 11:59

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Born out of Waiwhetū Pā

Grove Roots

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Te Reo Māori Top 20

In the 2012/13 year the first annual list of the top 40 most played songs on iwi radio was published. The stations now also receive a weekly te reo Māori Top 20 which shows what music is popular around the network.

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Title / Author
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 1 Tua
Inactive Play Icon 2 Aue Te Aroha (Aroha Timunga Kore)
Inactive Play Icon 3 Rere Te Wā
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 4 He Iti
Inactive Play Icon 5 Raumati
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 6 I e Koko
Inactive Play Icon 7 Kia Mau Rā
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 8 Ka Mānu
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 9 Ka Ihi Te Moana
Inactive Play Icon 10 Kua Kore He Kupu / Soaked
Inactive Play Icon 11 He Aha Oti Koe
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 12 Huraina
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 13 Whakatō te Kākano
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 14 Retireti Mai
Inactive Play Icon 15 Tōrea
Inactive Play Icon 16 Tukituki Te Manawa
Inactive Play Icon 17 Te Puea
Inactive Play Icon 18 Tukuna Te Haa
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 19 Whāngai Aroha (Don't Wanna Fight It)
Inactive Play Icon 20 Kei Aro Atu Koe / Don't Worry Bout It