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Guidelines and Documents

The Guidelines and Documents section is designed to make it easy to access information for applying for funding.



  • Te Māngai Pāho does not intend to create any contractual legal obligations by calling for proposals, considering submitted proposals or negotiating with any or all the applicants prior to the execution of a formal agreement between Te Māngai Pāho and a successful applicant who will be the funding recipient.

  • It is not the intention of Te Māngai Pāho with an RFP to select one preferred applicant. Te Māngai Pāho reserves the right to negotiate concurrently with one or more applicants.

  • An invitation by Te Māngai Pāho to submit a proposal should not be considered a recommendation to any organisation to submit one. Applicants must make their own independent investigations regarding all relevant matters.

  • The applicant acknowledges that in considering funding proposals, Te Māngai Pāho will seek to maintain standards consistent with the observance of good taste and decency.

  • Any information which Te Māngai Pāho provides in relation to an RFP is believed by Te Māngai Pāho to be complete and accurate. However, Te Māngai Pāho makes no representation or warranty as to accuracy or completeness of any information so provided and each applicant must satisfy him/herself, as far as practical before submitting a proposal, as to the correctness and sufficiency of the proposal for an RFP. When evaluating the applications received, Te Māngai Pāho may need to seek further information from all or some of the applicants and reserves the right to do so. Any statements made by Te Māngai Pāho employees or Board members during any meetings or discussions with the applicants do not bind Te Māngai Pāho when making any subsequent decision to enter into an agreement with an applicant or to reject any proposals.

  • Any information supplied by Te Māngai Pāho to an applicant must be treated as confidential and must be used only for the purposes of submitting a proposal or clarifying a submitted proposal.

  • Te Māngai Pāho reserves the right not to accept any proposal or the lowest-priced proposal.

  • Te Māngai Pāho is not under any obligation to check proposals for errors. Acceptance of a proposal that contains errors will not invalidate any contract formed arising from an RFP process.

  • Te Māngai Pāho reserves the right to call and/or re-advertise for proposals or revisit any prior RFP process.

  • Te Māngai Pāho reserves the right to suspend or cancel, (in whole or in part), an RFP or the RFP process.

  • Te Māngai Pāho may vary an RFP by notice in writing to all persons submitting proposals. Proposals submitted in response to an RFP may not be varied once submitted without the prior written consent of Te Māngai Pāho.

  • All costs incurred by applicants submitting proposals in preparing their proposals and during the preparations, negotiations, and execution of any agreement within Te Māngai Pāho shall be borne by the applicants and Te Māngai Pāho will not have any liability for those costs.

  • Tagged proposals and any proposals which do not fully comply with the requirements as outlined in an RFP may be considered, rejected or evaluated at the sole discretion of Te Māngai Pāho.

  • Information disclosed in proposals to Te Māngai Pāho may be required to be disclosed to other members of the public pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982 however no information will be disclosed during the assessment process. By submitting a proposal there is consent to such disclosure as is deemed necessary by Te Māngai Pāho to comply with its obligations under the Act. To assist with this process, please indicate clearly in your proposal any information you consider to be commercially sensitive.

  • Te Māngai Pāho will not be bound to give any reasons for decisions made because of an RFP or as an outcome of an RFP assessment of any Proposals.

  • None of Te Māngai Pāho employees, agents or advisors will be liable in contract or tort or in any other way for any direct or indirect damage, loss or cost incurred by any applicant or another person in respect of any RFP.

  • The applicant will not have any rights against Te Māngai Pāho of any nature whatsoever arising from an RFP process and accordingly, it shall not make any claim of any nature against Te Māngai Pāho, including but not limited to recover from Te Māngai Pāho (or any person associated with Te Māngai Pāho) any costs incurred in relation to an RFP or in respect of any lost expectation of profits.


Link to latest REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS: https://www.tmp.govt.nz/download-documents.