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Media release - Te Māngai Pāho and Octave announce partnership with Te Murumāra Foundation

Media releases Ngā whakaputanga pāpāho
21 Huitanguru 2022

Te Māngai Pāho and Octave are pleased to announce a partnership with Te Murumāra Foundation, integrating Te Aka dictionary with ReoAko.

Powered by Octave, ReoAko is a translation tool that enables website managers to easily add te reo Māori to their websites and encourages its use on digital platforms in Aotearoa. 

Through the collaboration with Te Murumāra Foundation, ReoAko users have access to the full Te Aka dictionary, allowing websites to customise their use of te reo Māori according to their industry, audience and capacity. In addition to comprehensive translations, Te Aka provides the ability to hear to the pronunciation of the words; supporting website users to listen, learn and use te reo Māori.

Octave, Te Murumāra Foundation and Te Māngai Pāho are committed to te reo Māori and encouraging its use every day and everywhere. ReoAko is an opportunity for websites in Aotearoa to seamlessly increase their use of te reo Māori and normalise the use of two of our official languages on websites.

“ReoAko combines innovative technologies with the passion for te reo Māori. As te reo Māori continues to grow in our communities, so too does the need to push boundaries and create tools that make te reo Māori accessible in every context. We are encouraged by the demand we have seen for this tool, and look forward to the opportunities presented with Te Murumāra Foundation and Octave” says Larry Parr, Kaihautū o Te Māngai Pāho.

“Te Aka dictionary is a fantastic resource which I use regularly to improve my pronunciation and understanding of te reo Māori.  We are privileged to be partnering with Te Murumāra Foundation, and the integration of Te Aka dictionary to ReoAko will make it easier to add a much wider range of te reo Māori directly into websites and apps” says Mike Brough, Managing Director for Octave.  

Dr Tania Ka’ai, Chair of the Te Murumāra Foundation says, “The Te Murumāra Foundation is so pleased to be partnering with Te Māngai Pāho and Octave on ReoAko. The Foundation Trustees see the integration of Te Aka Māori dictionary with websites as another step in realising Te Murumāra’s (John Moorfield) dream; seeing the resources he developed used as tools to help te reo Māori flourish and making it accessible to people everywhere”.

ReoAko is available now for websites using Wagtail, Drupal, Silverstripe and Contentful, with plans to extend to further website content management systems. Register your interest here.