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Tūhonohono Music Round

Tūhonohono Music Fund

NZ Music Months turns 20 this year, which makes it time for us to reveal Tūhonohono - a fresh, new approach to te reo Māori music from Te Māngai Pāho.

With Tūhonohono, we are looking to support artists to both write new songs and collaborate. Neither of these functions has previously been a focus for Te Māngai Pāho with the bulk of our funding being dedicated to recording and promotion.

Our intention is to use this pilot round to get a feel for the appetite of non-reo-speaking artists to collaborate with te reo Māori artists and lyricists to create new te reo Māori waiata.

It’s an opportunity for us to trial a new way of supporting artists amidst the challenges of the ‘stay home’ environment and hopefully, we’ll learn something about how we can be more supportive of songwriting and collaboration. We have earmarked $100,000 for this experiment round. 

This funding round is now CLOSED 5:00pm, Rāmere te 15 o Haratua 2020! 

To read the full Pānui Puoro click here.

For more information on the Tūhonohono round click here.

To register your interest in the Tūhonohono round click here. Note: You need to have registered as a provider before you can access the registration form.


Since opening the round, we’ve received a few questions about the specifics of the fund so here is some extra info to clarify how it works.

Q1) I’d love to do a song in Te Reo but I’m not fluent enough to write a whole song in the language and I don’t know anyone suitable to collaborate with. Can I still apply?
A1) Absolutely. We will do our best to introduce you to composers who can write in Te Reo or possess the attributes you are looking for in a collaborator.

Q2) I have reo lyrics and some chords. Can I get a collaborator to help with the melody?
A2) Yes. That is what the fund is about – bringing the strengths of many together.

Q3) I have a couple of potential collaborators lined up but am open to working with someone who is reo-challenged. How will you decide who I end up paired up with?
A3) It’s fantastic that you’re open to working with others. If you already have someone lined up, we will obviously consider that pairing/grouping ahead of an unestablished relationship. But if you’re also open to meeting others, we may invite you to meet others who are looking for someone with your skillset.

Q4) Are you able to explain the $2,500 payment a bit further please. Is this the amount that applicants will receive in total to fund this kaupapa?
A4) Yes. This is the amount that each collaborator will receive on provision of a finished composition. 'Finished' means lyrics, song structure, and chords are articulated on paper, and a basic demo of the melody for reference.

Q5) I have written about 50 songs already, just need someone to sing them! Can I submit them for funding?
A5) This fund supports the process of song writing in collaboration. You can register yourself as a collaborator looking for someone else to collaborate with. But you cannot submit an already complete song for funding.

Q6) I really want to work with a certain artist but I don’t know them personally. Can you introduce us?
A6) We can try but if the artist you’ve identified doesn’t want to be part of Tūhonohono or is not interested in working with you, we obviously cannot oblige them to. You should register anyway – there might be someone else out there who is perfect for you and your waiata.

Q7) When do the songs have to be written by?
A7) Good question! We would like them to be complete before June 30, 2020. It is a fast-moving round!

Q8) I don’t have a recording set up at home. Will that hinder my chances of being chosen?
A8) This fund supports the process of song writing and collaboration. Your recording set up need only be basic – a USB mic into laptop or even mobile phone may be suffice. Recordings are demo only. We don’t expect them to be studio standard.

Q9) I already have a reo collaborator that I’d prefer to work with. Does Tūhonohono allow it?
A9) Tūhonohono was designed to encourage collaborations that will bring new musical ideas and reo voices to the music scene. Applicants are asked to identify whether they already have someone lined up for collaboration - this can include someone you know and have worked with.

Q10) How will you decide how individual registrations are matched up?
A10) As this is a new experience for us, we are still working out the finer detail. However, we do know that we won’t be forcing any collaborations that don’t feel right for the artist. Based on our observation to date, we are thinking about facilitating a (virtual) group hui for the individuals who have registered without a collaborating partner. This will hopefully provide an opportunity for people to learn a little bit about one another and they might then either feel comfortable contacting one another or having an offline conversation with us so that we can make the introductions. If parties decide they want to work together and can agree the parameters of collaboration, we’ll provide the paperwork and support to make it happen.