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Tikanga Māori

Te Māngai Pāho has a statutory responsibility to ‘promote the Māori language and Māori culture’. As a consequence all funding applications need to:

  • Outline the contribution that the proposed programme will make towards reflecting Māori culture and the diversity of the Māori experience.
  • Include an assessment of the cultural content of the proposed programme over all (low, medium or high) 
  • If the proposed programme intends to engage with areas of significant cultural knowledge, importance and sensitivity, a description as to how the production will manage the need to engage with the kaitiaki of that material. Who will be the principle tikanga consultant? How will you manage iwi engagement if the programme proposes to deal with a range of iwi perspectives? How will you assure the safety and comfort of both interviewer and interviewee? 
  • An explanation of how the Applicant nurtures tikanga Māori within its own organisation and within the work place.