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Anamata Future News is a Māori web series featuring news bulletins from the near and distant future.

Anamata Future News delivers breaking news, sport, technology, weather and entertainment from the year 2018 until the year 2499.

Anamata is a science fiction exploration into the future of Aotearoa. Each episode explores some of the big decisions New Zealand will make over the next 500 years including energy use, climate, food, technology, crime and the evolution of future generations.

Anamata showcases indigenous Māori language, arts, sports and culture in a futuristic world. With hard hitting bulletins and breaking news stories, Anamata Future News reports the inventions, trends and people that change the world.

Anamata Future News is the only place for your future news!


The series is a production of Screentime New Zealand.

The web series was jointly funded by NZ on Air and Te Mangai Paho in 2014 in the Maori web series round.

The production features over 120 local talent from across Aotearoa and stars Fran Kora, Matariki Whatarau, Troy Kingi, Kihi Ririnui, Ria Winitana Paki.

The scenes were filmed in Screentime's green screen studio and actors were composited into digitally enhanced New Zealand landscapes and environments.

The concept was written and directed by Kewana Duncan from Hauraki (Ngāti Tara). Kewana writes and directs for web, television, film and documentary and has many years of experience in the NZ media industry.

The series was shot by Reel Company on 2.5K Blackmagic cameras in RAW format to give the best picture quality and digital compositing.

Anamata Future News uses visual and special effects to create imaginative scenes with digital clothing, an alien, taniwha and even holographic carving.

Anamata profiles amazing new future technologies including operating system implants, synthetic food printers, artificial intelligence, solar farms and space travel.

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