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Te Māngai Pāho provides contestable funding for the production of Māori music. Until recently we have only funded music tracks, however, in the current financial year Te Māngai Pāho will fund music tracks and music videos that promote Māori language and culture.

An RFP for Māori Music has been published and the next round closes 5.00pm Friday 28th of April 2017
Haka-soul Musician and composer

Rob Ruha

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Apply for Funding

The RFP for the 2017 Māori Music Funding Round is now available online. In this funding round Te Māngai Pāho will consider proposals for Music Videos as well as Tracks. Go to the RFP

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Latest Funding Results

MaoriFY - Screentime Media Ltd - 2016

Kei Tua o te Kite
Huia Hamon - Kei Tua o te Kite - Kog Mastering Ltd - 2015

Ko Wai
RJ Kerswell - Ko Wai - Hei Tiki Creatives Ltd - 2015

Ko Koe
Donson - Ko Koe - Patangaroa Entertainment Ltd - 2015

Taku Hei Mokimoki
Te Kāuta - Taku Hei Mokimoki - Minaaka Ltd - 2015

Te Amo - Taroi - Pātangaroa Entertainment Ltd - 2015

Te Mahi Rangatahi
Ihi - Te Mahi Rangatahi - UMA Broadcasting Limited - 2015

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View All Funding Round Dates

Born out of Waiwhetū Pā

Grove Roots

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Te Reo Māori Top 20

In the 2012/13 year the first annual list of the top 40 most played songs on iwi radio was published. The stations now also receive a weekly te reo Māori Top 20 which shows what music is popular around the network.

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Title / Author
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 1 Maimoatia
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 2 Mau Tonu
Inactive Play Icon 3 Te Mahi Rangatahi
Inactive Play Icon 4 Tetipea
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 5 Tau Hou Māori
Inactive Play Icon 6 E Rere
Inactive Play Icon 7 Te Kura
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 8 Paremata Mene
Inactive Play Icon 9 Moemoeā
Inactive Play Icon 10 Kei Tua o te Kite
Inactive Play Icon 11 Pepeha
Inactive Play Icon 12 He Rā ki Tua
Inactive Play Icon 13 Taku Inoi
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 14 Te Reo Tuatahi
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 15 Ana Hī !
Inactive Play Icon 16 Huakirangi
Inactive Play Icon 17 He Pō Nui Te Whai
Inactive Play Icon 18 Kakano
Inactive Play Icon Video Icon 19 Rona (te reo mix)
Inactive Play Icon 20 Taroi