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Te pūtea tautoko i te auahatanga Māori

Te Māngai Pāho promotes Māori language and culture through the provision of funding for Māori initiatives in Music, Radio, Television and New Media.


A new mau rākau series for Māori Television

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Recently Supported


Te Māngai Pāho distributes $40 million dollars annually for the production of television content.


Te Māngai Pāho provides operational funding for 21 iwi radio stations.

New Media

Te Māngai Pāho has limited funding for New Media initiatives.


Each year Te Māngai Pāho funds up to 100 te reo Māori music tracks.

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Pūkana whānau number one!

Cinco Cine and Pūkana are back on top again, their TWOTRM waiata, Maimoatia, has hit number one!

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15 AUGUST 2016 | 11:30 AM

Te Māngai Pāho has commenced a recruitment process..

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Te Māngai Pāho CEO resigns.

15 AUGUST 2016 | 11:30 AM

John Bishara going back to his roots ...

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